A Revolutionary, Non-Toxic and Effective New Approach to Cancer Treatment
Frank Arguello, MD
  • Have you, or someone you love, been recently diagnosed with cancer?
  • Do you have a recent recurrence of your cancer?
  • Do you have metastatic (Stage IV) cancer?
  • Are you under conventional chemotherapy and your disease continues progressing?
If you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions, please continue reading. The information on this website and video could be the turning point you have been looking for in your life.

I invite you to watch the video below so that you have a better understanding of this therapy. It is very important that you see our results in the section of Treatment Results. These are not videos of people giving “testimonies,” but the actual images of their cancers before and during Atavistic Chemotherapy.



Important Note: The critical analysis made in this site about our current oncological practices and their results, are not intended to derogate the many sacrifices that cancer researchers and cancer patients, alike, have made throughout history in our efforts as a society to control this disease, but rather as an urgent call for change on the part of patients with cancer. Demand to your oncologist a change. Do not accept to be subjected to a treatment that will not work.  

Simply put, other than early surgery, our current treatments are not only extremely poisonous, but extraordinarily ineffective against the great majority of cancers.  Nonetheless, oncologists talk to their patients about the need for conventional chemotherapy and radiation, as if they were in fact the solution to the patient’s cancer problem. Consequently, many cancer patients rely on and place great hope on these treatments unaware that their cancers are not more curable today, in 2014, than they were 100 or 200 years ago.




Unfortunately, cancer has become a very profitable disease, and the practice and industry of oncology are unlikely to change in our lifetime, but you can. Do not wait until your doctor or family member tells you that there is nothing else to be done. Read the review in this link "Modern Oncology Facts That Outcry for Change," which speaks for itself, and realize that you will not be the exception by simply maintaining a positive attitude.

                           "If this program can change anything, I would like it to change the silly notion

                           that you can survive an aggressive cancer if you 'just have a positive attitude.'

Linda Garmon 2008

Producer of the PBS video “The Truth About Cancer.”

Your fight against cancer is unfair, and destined to fail, because you are fighting with the wrong tools. It is a fight where the outcome is already known for all patients with the same cancer and the same disease stage. It is predicted and repeated year after year. We already know, for example, that in 2014 close to 1,605 children, men and women will die of cancer every single day in the USA alone. It will not matter if they have positive attitudes or not during their "fights." Why is that? Because they were all armed with the same worn and ineffective weapons year after year.

Cancer is threatening human society and its future, today, more than ever in recorded human history. In only 15 years, by 2030, 27 million new cancer cases and 17 million cancer deaths will occur each year worldwide. That compares to 12 million new cases and slightly less than 8 million cancer deaths in 2007- CBS News' Report from the World Health Organization (2011)In the USA cancer is the leading cause of disease-related death in children between the ages of 1 to 19, and the second leading cause of death in the general population, after heart disease.

These facts call for the necessity of abandoning the routine. Even if new and very different treatment approaches fail and people continue dying, it will be worth the fight because they will guide us to the correct treatment. At present, millions and millions of people die of cancer every year without helping us to develop a better treatment for future generations, simply because the 70-year-old conventional chemotherapy is lucrative.

Although we are not at a point to offer you a “cure” with our work on Atavistic Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy, we offer you a scientifically-based real and genuine chance for a fight and long-term survival.  We are 100% sure that this new understanding and treatment of cancer will become the way it is combated around the globe. Yes, it may take years to be optimized to the point that a cure is possible for most patients with metastatic cancers, but the future may be here already for you, so explore it.

Below are a few statements and recommendations on cancer treatments made by Bernard Peyrilhe (1737-1804). Although written almost 250 years ago, his words are valid today more than ever before:

"The little success of the modern doctors, either in the way of ascertaining the nature of the cancerous virus, or of curing it, is well acknowledged by all.  The knife and the caustic are even now our only remedies,... [but] in the infancy of our medical art, centuries ago, were they not exactly the same?

We must, therefore, by some new route proceed to this melancholy disease, which has hitherto been attacked in vain. Some new principles must be established, from which indications of cure may be deduced, not always successful, perhaps, in their event, but different from former ones.

Our labours on this subject will be sufficiently recompensed if this little work should be the means of convincing the public of the necessity there is for abandoning the ordinary routine, if we wish to explore the causes of Cancer, to determine its nature, and to ascertain the most eligible method of cure."

Bernard Peyrilhe, Paris, France, 1777