A Revolutionary, Non-Toxic and Effective New Approach to Cancer Treatment
Frank Arguello, MD
  • Have you, or someone you love, been recently diagnosed with cancer?
  • Do you have a recent recurrence of your cancer?
  • Do you have metastatic (Stage IV) cancer?
  • Are you under conventional chemotherapy and your disease continues progressing?
If you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions, please continue reading. The information on this website and video could be the turning point you have been looking for in your life.

I invite you to watch the video below so that you have a better understanding of this therapy. It is very important that you see our results in the section of Treatment Results. These are not videos of people giving “testimonies,” but the actual images of their cancers before and during Atavistic Chemotherapy.


CRITICALLY IMPORTANT: If you are considering any treatment for your cancer, or for that of a loved one, and whether the treatment is considered conventional/traditional or not, always ask the doctor or oncologist offering you the treatment for actual radiological and/or photographic images of some of the cancers he/she has treated, both before and after treatment. Do not believe in testimonials, or anecdotes of, ‘I have cured people with the same type of cancer,’ or statistics of survival. The reason for this is very simple: cancer is, up to now, an incurable and a lethal disease if not removed surgically soon enough before metastases have developed.   If, in fact, the therapy of that doctor is helping people with cancer, and the cancers regress partially or totally, he/she must have evidence of that. Why? Because it would be so revolutionary and historically important in medicine that he/she would record those results in order to show and demonstrate them to new patients and/or the medical community.

The above is particularly true because cancer is an objective disease amenable to be monitored over time, visually via photographs, diagnostic images (CT-scan, MRI, PET, plain x-ray films, ultrasound, etc.) or through clinical and pathological laboratory results,  Just as the before and after photographs of people you see on TV, websites or printed media about innovative procedures and surgeries for weight loss, facial paralysis, esthetical reconstruction of the breasts or the nose, cochlear, hair or dental implants, among others. You would never believe those results or be subjected to those procedures without seeing those images (results).

So, why should you believe in the effectiveness of a treatment, in which your life is at stake, just because the doctor or a testimonial says so?

Please feel free to contact me directly for more information and to determine if you could be a candidate for my treatment.